Jacey + Jake (aka Justin)


Sam Ronicker said...

Gosh Will, the videos you make are just awesome!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to know how long does it take you to shoot and edit one of these wedding highlights? They're very well done! Are you the only shooter at these events or do you have help? Also curious what camera do you use?

will haas said...

thank you both for your kind words about my films.

Anonymous, typically it takes several weeks to a month to complete a wedding films package. That includes wedding day filming, editing content (highlights, ceremony, extended moments, etc). It's difficult to say an exact hour amount, but if I had to estimate I would say 5 hours for every final minute of footage.

We use exclusively Canon 5D Mk2 cameras, and on a typical wedding day we will have as many as 5 cameras and up to 3 people...Jacey & Jake's day only had 4 cameras and 2 ops. Thank you for your question!