2013 Top List

Did I really type 2013? Yes. Because believe it or not, 2013 will be here very soon. Therefore I need to start working on my "Best Of" or "Most Used" list for next year. This past year's "Low-Tech" list was a huge WillHaas[Blog] favorite, so this year I am letting you, the readers help me choose a list for 2013.

Please let me know which list you would like to see for 2013. You may also send suggestions for items in any of the lists:

1) Top-10 Low-Tech of 2013

2) Top-10 High-Tech of 2013

3) Will Haas Essentials [10 quintessentially Will Haas items]
4) 2013, The Year of the D-I-Y [DIY projects TBD]

Send your pick and/or suggestions to willhaasblog@yahoo.com

Thanks again for visiting my blog, check back for more posts, photos, reviews, and more!

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will haas said...

Thank you guys for all of the emails, there are some very good ideas! It's going to be a close call, so I'll keep receiving emails for a few more weeks. Send me your response please. willhaasblog@yahoo.com