Elijah Craig, 12 Year


Wow. It has been too long since my last published tasting review. It's not that I haven't been savoring new bourbons in the company of friends, I just haven't had the time to sit, taste, and compile my thoughts about bourbons lately---so I am forcing myself to write a review, because I know you want more tasting notes.

I've sampled the majority of bourbons in the $20-$40 range, so I'm always looking at the edges of the shelf space for my store to add new bourbons. This last trip to the store they finally had Elijah Craig 12 Year small batch bourbon (produced by Heaven Hill Distillery). Pastor Elijah Craig has a very interesting history, one which you can read briefly here or more extensively here, but what is important to realize is that preachers making liquor was the dawn of bourbon distilling in this country.

So how does it taste?

First, the mouth feel is very smooth and oaky, to be expected from 12-years of aging. It's not a sharp tasting bourbon, with a quick bite. I would describe this bourbon as rich, with a vanilla smoothness, followed by pecans, and scent notes of cherries. The finish is clean, and doesn't linger unnecessarily long, i'd say it's the perfect finish.

I would recommend a bottle of Elijah Craig 12 for dreary almost-spring days, or for any occasion where a sub $30 bourbon fits the bill, i.e. an everyday sipper.


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